How Nevada Assembly Bill 424 Changed the Las Vegas Bail System – Bail Bond News Las Vegas

Approach to prisons. If they can establish an example in California and elsewhere, it will be especially welcome.

Firearm sales are heavily regulated making it harder to get firearms than for a person to be licensed to drive a vehicle. The fact that California allows citizens to possess guns is a bit odd. So, why are people still being questioned about obsolete gun laws? In the state of California, California Assembly passed several gun reform laws earlier this year.

These bills may not be in the past, but it’s possible they’ll have a an uphill battle. Two bills could have required that owners of guns keep their firearms locked up at home, in addition, another bill would have required background checks for those selling ammo online. Police groups have criticized the bills as unconstitutional and unnecessary. Another law would have barred magazines that hold up to 10 rounds.

If the status quo is in fact non-negotiable to members of the National Rifle Association and other organizations like it, the fight may be lost before it has even begun. There are some reasons to believe the majority of Americans are opposed to guns and that the future generations will get fed up with Nevada’s support of big-capacity magazines and assault rifles.

I hope that there will be more space for discussion about these topics, which will ease the anxieties from those who believe there is not enough gun control. It is also important to ensure the firearm freedoms that a lot of Americans want. The two sides will need to be flexible and continue to develop innovative solutions for problems that should not be overlooked.

The past couple of months organizations like the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence as well as the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence tried to pass resolutions to support ending large-capacity magazines and other “no sales” laws that are in California and New York.


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