Can a 5 Year Old Go to a Concert? How to Plan an Outdoor Music Experience for Kindergarteners – Arts and Music PA

People will be able go to the concert and performances that will be coming to their cities. The platform for ticket sales can monitor sales for tickets including the process of checking out and ensuring that you don’t oversell. The platform also offers options like VIP access as well as event reminders.

The ticket-selling platform along with radio stations as well as word-of-mouth. Local advertising is also possible via billboards. Radio shows may be the best option since each listenership for radio shows is already targeted for the specific niche. If you are a musician that performs hip hop music and want to advertise on a radio station who plays hip-hop shows that the message will be reaching those who are interested in the genre.

To sum it all, be sure the performance will be suitable for kids even as young as kindergarten. It’s important to start by establishing your objectives first, and then locate people who can perform. The next step is to secure the venue and arrange the event. Then hire the staff and the other suppliers you’ll need to create the most unforgettable show for your fans.


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