What Can a Custom Fence Do for Your Property? – CEXC

eds to have a fence, it is essential to find a great fence contractor for installation. If you want to install a linear foot of wood fencing, the average price ranges from $10 to $45 The median cost for privacy fence construction is $4,375, with an average of about $1,800 to $6,900. Per foot, the typical cost of privacy fencing is between $12 and $50.

It is determined by which height and length the fence will be. Materials are also major factors in cost. The typical cost for an installation of a wooden privacy fence will vary from around $12 to $30 for each square feet. Vinyl privacy fencing is generally more costly than those built from wood.

A privacy fence will make your backyard far more private and protected. The fence can also deter stray dogs as well as anyone looking at something for stealing. A fenced backyard is safer for kids. They are less likely to risk running off or getting into a neighbour’s pool in addition to allowing kids to feel protected.


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